KLEAN – ter·penes

/ˈtərpēn/ | noun
  1. Terpenes (pronounced tur-peenz) are a large, diverse class of strong, yet pleasant-smelling, organic compounds. Simple terpenes are found in the essential oils and resins of plants everywhere.

Who are we?

We are KleanTerpenes™, a company out of Southwest Florida. It all started when owners Kevin and Todd, noticed a growing trend towards natural products. So they rolled up their sleeves and got started….That’s where our company began. 

Together, we are bringing better products, to areas that are growing and needing better options. Our team hopes you are currently using or considering our natural products. After all, if you are already having to buy and use stuff anyway, why not use natural if possible? We want to make it even easier for everyone to create a healthy environment in an affordable manner and get awesome results.

Time and money are important things, so making a change is hard sometimes. Many people and companies are hesitant to use something new, especially products that are 100% natural, for the fear they will cost too much and work poorly. However, all our KleanTerpenes™ products are cost-effective, high-quality, pure and all-natural. We feel we can surpass all your expectations and we look forward to doing so!

What makes us a good choice for you?

KleanTerpenes™ offers you superior all natural products that perform better than most people would expect from natural. All our Terpene and Plant Nutrition products are free of any chemicals and they work very well. We are always expanding and adding to our product line. In some ways, we are actually the best! We are not messing around…This is who we are!

KleanTerpenes™ Promise

Last but not least, the KleanTerpenes™ team is dedicated to providing personal, world-class customer service to all clients large or small. Call us at (941) 404-2535 or email us at [email protected]